Smart and innovative hydraulic tools for tensioning highly loaded bolted connections

The modern method of bolt tensioning: M8 / 1/4" - M200 / 8"


◼︎ Innovations by German engineers

  • Safer, tighter flange connections
  • Lower costs for tensioning equipment
  • Faster tensioning processes


◼︎ Invented and produced in Germany

◼︎ Lightweight pump! NO hoses!

Our core product is a high-pressure hydraulic pump which has been specially designed for use in our tensioning devices.

It is very light (1.5kg / 2.6kg), easy to operate, completely safe thanks to a low-pressure hydraulic volume and delivers the very high pressures that are needed for high tensioning forces.

It operates with extremely viscous hydraulic oil that is not pumpable by conventional pumps.


◼︎ "Distributed hydraulics"

For the tensioning of multiple bolts at the same time, we use several pumps that are mounted directly on the tensioning devices and synchronized electronically. We call this "distributed hydraulics" - the same effect as communicating chambers but much lighter, easier to use and more fail-safe.


◼︎ From small bolts to very large bolts – tight flange connections!

We have designed a range of special hydraulic tools to meet your project requirements and your individual needs.

They can be used in a wide range of applications, from evenly tightening very small flange connections (e.g. Thread M8 / 1/4") to tensioning very large bolts (up to M200 / 8").

Flanges of all kinds and of all geometries can be tensioned precisely and reliably.

Our PFPM system allows the continuous monitoring of the flange pressure over the operating lifetime of the flange and reduces the risks of flange failure.