Individual solutions and service

Project-specific tensioning solutions

If our off-the-shelf products are not able to meet your requirements, we would be happy to design the best possible solution for your individual tensioning project. Our calculation engineers take a close look at your individual flange geometries, bolts, sealings and mechanical, thermal and chemical loads and propose the best possible tensioning tool and procedure. 

Analysis of bolted connections

We check the load bearing capacity of your flange and your bolts, including the threaded connections. This includes a comprehensive stress analysis according to relevant national or international standards, e.g. Eurocode or ASME. Modern standards such as VDI 2230 or KTA 3201.2 are followed. We provide a fully documented strength verification analysis that is accepted by most national inspection authorities.

Service on your site

Our service staff travel around the world to tension flanges of all kinds. We offer you fixed prices and durations for your tensioning project - around the world, on land and at sea. For subsea projects, we support your diving staff from sea level. Tensioning tools (BT, CFBT and IBT) can be provided on a project basis. 

In complex environments, such as the maintenance of nuclear power plants, our staff stay close to your site, always on call.

Optimal tensioning strategy

Sometimes it is not possible to tension all the bolts of a flange at the same time. In that case, one or more single-stud tensioners are used that operate one bolt after the other. However, the tensioning sequence can be problematic as the bolting forces interfere with the process. If in the first step one bolt is tensioned and in the second step its neighbour, the prestress force of the first bolt is reduced. The first bolt then needs to be retensioned. It can be a very time-consuming process to ensure at least nearly even forces in all bolts.


We help you overcome this problem by providing you with an optimal tensioning sequence. Depending on your flanges, sealings, bolts and tensioning devices we calculate elastic and plastic compliance and optimize the tensioning process. Your benefit: faster, cheaper and more reliable bolt tensioning.


➔ Solution of the problem with sequential bolting


We provide a comprehensive manual with every smartTensioner product. In addition to describing the use of our products, it offers recommendations for the best tensioning approach in different environments.


We are happy to train your operating staff in using our tensioning devices - whether via a web conference, in our main office in Hamburg or on your site. A standard training session normally takes eight hours.