smartTensioner CompactFlangeBoltTensioner CFBT

The CompactFlangeBoltTensioner CFBT is technically comparable to the BT but has been designed to tension compact flanges. 


On many compact flanges, the bolts are turned very tightly and the prescribed tension force is high. The CFBT meets exactly these requirements. With our CFBT, it is possible to tension all kinds and sizes of compact flanges, even with bolts as small as M8 - from one side!


Our CFBT meets or exceeds the requirements of these standards:

  • VECTOR SPO Subsea
  • NORSOK Compact Flanges L-005
  • UHV-CD / UHV-CDg
CompactFlange Bolt Tensioner CFBT: Technical Data
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Advantages of CFBT:

smartTensioner CFBT follows the individual geometry of modern compact flanges. It is optimized to use all available space on the flanges to ensure high bolting forces.

For many compact flanges, bolting forces are defined in the CF specification. Our CFBT meets all requirements concerning bolt forces and contact area.

The CFBT is significantly smaller and lighter than comparable solutions on the market.

Additional features

As with our BT, the CFBT features a HydraulicPistonReturn HPR, PistonStrokeLimitation PSL and NutTurningDrive NTD. Automated nut driving is also available as Quick Coupling solutions.

CFBT specifications