smartTensioner SubseaTensioningDevices STD

smartTensioner technology - above all the lightweight hydraulic pump in combination with small and powerful tensioning devices - offers many advantages in environments where handling is difficult:

  • No high-pressure hoses need to be transported and connected
  • No clumsy high-pressure connectors need to be operated
  • No external hydraulic aggregates need to be transported to the installation site

In subsea projects, using smartTensioner means reduced operating times for divers since the tensioning devices only need to be connected to electrical power after mounting on the bolt. The smartTensioner pump can be remotely controlled. Even the turning of the nut can be done with our

NutTurningDrive (an integral part of IBT and optional for BT and CFBT).


Furthermore, the use of smartTensioner HTUs allows constant pressure monitoring over the whole operating time of a flange connection. Ambitious requirements of quality assurance are met.

Subsea Tensioning Deveces STD: Technical Data
SDT 02bRZ.pdf
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Easy handling in subsea:

The smartTensioner IntegratedBoltTensioner IBT is the all-in-one solution that fulfills perfectly the requirements of professional divers:

  • Simple mounting on the bolt by turning the glove-friendly handle

  • No need to connect anything but the power cord

  • NutTurningDrive included

  • Process control via remote control centre

The smartTensioner tensioning systems HTU, BT, CFBT and IBT are available in subsea versions.

In some cases, the maximum possible bolt force might be reduced.


The smartTensioner HydraulicPump HP is available for use in subsea projects as well. Wireless or cable remote control is available.