smartTensioner IntegratedBoltTensioner IBT

The IBT is made for tensioning situations where extremely high bolt forces are needed and very little free space is available on the flange.

The IBT is an integrated BT with hydraulic pump, nut turning drive and spring-operated piston return in one small unit.

After mounting on the flange, the operator just needs to connect the power cord to the IBT and select the appropriate bolt force. The IBT then tensions or detensions the bolt and turns the nut automatically.

As with all smartTensioner pumps, several IBTs can be synchronized wirelessly and can be operated via a single PC.


Lightweight, fast to mount and easy to operate - perfect for difficult tensioning situations. Subsea versions available.


Very high forces 

IBTs are able to stress bolts up to
1000 MPa - sufficient for even highly loaded flanges. Bolt forces according to EN ISO 898-1:1999 (bolt quality 10.9) are possible.


integrated BoltTensioner iBT: Technical Data
IBT 02bRZ.pdf
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Advantages of IntegratedBoltTensioner:

smartTensioner IBT features our HydraulicPump, AutomatedPistonReturn and AutomatedNutDrive. IBT reduces manual action during the tensioning process.

High pressure and multi-stepped cylinders allow very high bolt forces.

If there is little free space on the flange, our IBT is the right solution.

IBT is very light and fast to mount.

IBT specifications