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SmartTensioner Products - Overview

All smartTensioner tensioning products are pressurized by the smartTensioner HydraulicPump.

All Products can be used stand-alone or in combination to tension flanges of nearly any geometry and any bolt sizes and numbers – at once and perfectly even!

Tensioning nuts

Tensioning nuts are hydraulically pressurized. They substitute the original hexagonal nut and remain on the bolt. The load bearing capacity of smartTensioner hydraulic nuts is higher than the load bearing capacity of standard hexagonal nuts, so that no disadvantages in the overall strength of the threaded connection need to be considered. This is achieved by mainly two factors:

  • We use nut material with more load bearing capacity than standard hexagonal nuts.
  • The force flow within our nuts has been optimized. The whole nut body is used to withstand applying loads, not just parts of it as with conventional nuts.


BoltTensioner are mounted on the bolt for the tensioning process. Using high pressure hydraulics, they strain the bolt and secure the strain with the conventional hexagonal nut. After tensioning, the BoltTensioner is removed.

Both hydraulic nuts and BoltTensioners can be hydraulically synchronized to tension many bolts at once.